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Celebrity Hair Crush July 5, 2011

Was browsing BuzzFeed.com today (daily dose of everything viral) and saw this “story” about Lauren Conrad’s newest hair adventure. I say “story” because I realize this isn’t in the same ball park as certain trials and political events happening…but this blog is called Sprinkles On Top, and this just happens to be a little something that caught my eye 🙂

If I did not work in an office or was in my teens….and if I had a fantastic expensive stylist to make sure it was done right…then I would totally have a fling with this ‘do. LC has always had gorgeous hair but this is just so fun, summery, and stylish!



Dreamhouse June 13, 2011

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I saw this the other day on craftgawker and instantly fell in love.

I wish I could build it instantly….no, wait…I wish I could blink my eyes dream-of-genie-style and instantly have it in my backyard.

Considering that is most likely not going to happen (though on the slight chance magic is real, I won’t completely rule it out) I had to add it to my blog so I forever have a record of my dreamhouse.



Workout Apps April 12, 2011

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My work out situation:

I’ve always being on a sports team and having a coach throughout my school years to MAKE me work out

– no longer having a coach or team to push me because of a little thing called GRADUATION

+ Iphone 4

= love of work out apps.

You don’t realize the benefit of having a team and a coach pushing you daily to stay in shape … until you no longer have one.

Most athletes believe they will always have the pure motivation to work out daily, stay in shape, and be competitive for their entire life. Then, you have to get a job (*sigh*), and realize there was an entire life of being “social” that you never really developed before…and working out becomes something you have to schedule in, instead of schedule around.

Personally, it’s been a struggle. I know I need and want to work out, but my bed is usually more tempting. After investing in a gym membership and putting some quality effort into making it to the gym on a regular basis, I still know I’m not doing enough. Rushing to my aid were two of my favorite companies: Apple and Nike. Their powers combined *coughcaptainplanetreferencecough* brought me a gym supplement: work out apps.

There are a few I have tried out that are good for different times. My favorites are:



This app is purely motivational. Whether you are on the elliptical, doing core, or out for a run, the app plays your selected playlist and inserts motivational comments from professional athletes and coaches.


Nike Training Center (NTC)

This app is incredible. Gives you tons of options for work outs and has videos of ALL of them.

You can also have a record of your workouts and earn rewards! I’ve used this one at home and rave about it to everyone. Sometimes the hardest part is crafting a work out that is challenging and diverse…this app takes that job out of your hands.


Nike GPS

This last app may be the coolest of them all. It records the map of your run, lets you know your pace, AND records it all in a map so you can see exactly how fast you were going at every point of your run. It’s almost too cool to believe…I used this for the last 7 miles of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco last year (First 6 miles I spent chatting with my sister with my iphone off). It was the first time I had ever used the app and was amazed to find my entire run saved with pace records after.

Other features of this app include:

  • a “challenge me” option where you can take on your last run.
  • Tag where you can try and out run your friends and compete against each other with your virtual records!
  • Sharing any of your runs on Facebook
  • You can be “cheered” on by the app during your run

If you are an athlete and have an iphone I HIGHLY recommend downloading these apps!


Signs of Spring in PDX April 6, 2011

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Portland by iphone March 11, 2011

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Spring Brew January 26, 2011

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Now I realize it is not technically spring yet, but blue moons rising moon spring brew is making me wish it was! Definitely recommend trying this one out.




Deal! January 18, 2011

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Great deal today on living social: pedicure from Midas spa! Usually $33 but they are selling for $16!! Check it out: