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Oh Elllennnn April 3, 2010

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In college I used to make every effort possible to schedule my classes, internships, and practices around Ellen Degeneres. On the east coast she is on in the morning and would always brighten my day with a little one two step and some jokes, my roommate and I would take turns running into eachothers rooms saying “did you see that! she’s so funnnnnnyyy, I love ellen”. In fact, the only reason I made a twitter account was to follow ellen and hopefully get to be involved in one of her giveaways…which really paid off because one time she did a give away directly across the street from my Boston University college apartment for red sox tickets, it was perfect, literally 15 steps out my front door…except that I had graduated the semester before and was now living on the west coast again. To say the least, it was a sad sad day. So I think I’ve made my point, I love ellen!

Now that I’m back on the west coast, and working like a grown up *sigh*, I barely ever get to see Ellen *DOUBLEsigh*. Luckily, my friends on the east coast that have the luxury of watching her in the morning keep me up to date on some of the best ellen skits. Being a harry potter fan, this one was especially funny. My personal favorite part is when they are on the roller coaster and the kid named Alex is clearly not enjoying himself anymore, maybe a little too much butter beer?? Anyways, check it out…I might need to make a trip to Orlando now.

Did I mention I love Ellen??? Click on the picture to go to the video.


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