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Hippity Hop April 4, 2010

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Happy Easter!!

NOT MY EGG! Picture it a little more brown and possibly cracked...

As a child/young adult my competitive nature and sweet tooth filled mouth made me a prime candidate  for easter egg hunts. The thrill of discovery, and greed-driven joy of cracking open candy filled eggs was all it took for me to hop out of bed bright an early every Easter Sunday. This year, however, I had my first taste of a grown up Easter.  I set up an easter egg hunt, and guess what, LOVED IT! Watching kids scour the area for brightly colored plastic eggs and surging towards the target to make sure they are the first to grasp it is truly entertaining…of course it’s also fun to make sure your eggs are in the best hiding spots. 😛

I did participate in decorating eggs again this year, and proved my impatience and non-artistic abilities for the 22nd year running. When I was younger we would do the blown eggs, so all we would decorate was the shell, a much more difficult feat. Our town would have a contest each year, and I’m proud to say my hula girl egg was champion when I was 5. We kept it on our kitchen cabinets for years, I like to think it’s still in tact in a box somewhere in the attic…

Anyways, time to go try on some easter brunch outfits….yes, plural, it’s a very important day for fashion.


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