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Yes I will shop here again! April 7, 2010

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One thing that I love, and every company needs to put great emphasis on: customer service/relations.

As a frequent consumer, I am definitely affected by good service. If a company treats me well, not only will I remember and talk about the company (and find myself drawn to specific locations where I was treated the nicest), I will return the gesture with future purchases. Sometimes good customer service will even result in me spending a few extra dollars at a “friendlier” company, than saving a few dollars at another company.

My inspiration for this post is from a positive experience with one of my favorite companies, White House Black Market. I am a blackbook member at WHBM and a WHBM insider. I was asked and applied to be an insider over a year ago. Yes, I am guilty of applying because of the potential perks that come with filling out surveys, but I was also intrigued to join because: 1) I love WHBM and 2) I was a marketing major and understand the necessity of company surveys.

❤ you.

Anyways, I have filled out every survey I have received since. Then today when I came home there was a little package from WHBM. Not having purchased anything recently, I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful pair of earrings inside and a note expressing their thanks for regularly completing their surveys. This was such an unexpected and wonderful treat for the end of a long day! You can bet I will be shopping there again soon, and will continue to fill out all those surveys.

Here’s to you White House Black Market!!


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