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“Fashion” April 9, 2010

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If you have seen The Devil Wears Prada, and liked it (but who wouldn’t?), then I recommend you watch The September Issue. Baaaasically it’s the real life version of The Devil Wears Prada. Minus the love story. But even without any dashing young men sweeping Anne Hathaway off her feet, the movie has it’s subtle moments of tugging at your heart strings. I won’t go into great detail, because I think you should watch for yourself, but it’s a great girl documentary (who knows you might convince your boyfriend to watch it with you).

Though the movie downplays the stresses of being editor of Vogue, I can’t imagine having an entire 900+ page issue riding on your shoulders…that is started at least 6 months in advance…oh and still come out with the 6 other issues for those months in the mean time. Fashion seems to be created by the main “character”, Anna Wintour. All the decisions come down to her, and she decides what is in, and what is out (project runway anyone?).

Cover of the issue created in The September Issue

Which got me thinking about fashion…All the glamorous non-wearable outfits we see in these extravagant magazine spreads seem to be an art form. Not all people understand the vision of them, myself included most of the time. But, as noted, you never see anyone actually WEARING these pieces, lady gaga aside. So which is fashion: The clothes we all purchase and wear to create our personal style? Or the art pieces scattering the pages of magazines? Conclusion: TBD.

Love this cover

As for fashion magazines themselves…I am most intrigued by the photo shoots in them. Which is really what I look at magazines for–the pictures and ads. Rarely do I actually read the articles unless I’m stuck on a long plane ride with nothing else to do. I currently subscribe to Vanity Fair because I always am impressed by their photography, and find myself drawn to their covers. Though, after seeing The September Issue, I am interested to look at Vogue again. I am sure they have already started working on their next September issue…I guess I can wait 5 months to check it out.


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