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Glee…minute by minute April 14, 2010

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First new episode of glee!! My reactions below:

– Minute 2: ❤ Sue.

– What Rachel and Finn are dating???? Totally should have watched the last episode.

– Coach Tanaka: ugh.

– NO. WAY. Sue and the Principal in bed?!?! Sneaky Sue. Very Sneaky. and gross…

– I wonder how long they can keep Sue trying to annihilate glee club?

– I wonder what it feels like to get a slushie thrown on you…no thats not an invitation to throw a slushie on me…though I am craving a slurpee now…

– TOTALLY forgot Emma and Will were dating. Cute. But I could never be such a clean freak.

– Finn…I think if this guy wasnt cast as Finn it totally could have been pulled off by Zac Efron

– Does this episode have 0 commercials?? That would be awesome…wait nope.

– Rachel shut up. You shouldn’t be dating Finn….WOW ugly cry.

– My sister auditioned for the role of Rachel, that would have been cool, but I would’ve been annoyed by you B 😛

– white tights = ugly.

– WOW. new kid has a voice, move over Finn.

– HA HA So true cheerleader girls: Puck is fine. Finn isn’t really hot…

– “sweaters make her look homeschooled”  “did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?” great quotes girls

– Will & Emma…awkward and cheesy

– They have Fire in their show?!

– Totally saw this hook up coming between Will & the other coach!! Is this coach the girl from Enchanted that dates Patrick Dempsy??  If she isn’t she sure looks like her…ps I LOVE ENCHANTED

– HAHAHA Old Maids Club?!

– Terry. did you just call Emma crazy? Weren’t you the one who faked a pregnancy??

– OOOOOOH Rachel, Jesse is so playin you!

– There needs to be more Quinn in this episode

– Emma’s growin up. I wonder how many times The love triangle of Emma Terry and Will comes up the rest of this season…

– Aww Finn, I don’t know if I want you fighting for Rachel but you are cute fighting for a girl!

– Yesssss…you say goodbye and I say hello! Why are Rachel and Finn ALWAYS the leads in the major group songs?

-SUE SYLVESTOR’S VOGUE?! Is this for real? incredible. Best part of the episode BY FAR.

Ok I’m done for the night. I don’t know if I’ll do a minute by minute ever again, but it was worth a try!


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