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I change shapes just to hide in this place… April 18, 2010

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First concert of Spring-Miike Snow.

Venue- The Hawthorne Theatre,  very intimate, 550 Max. http://www.hawthornetheater.com/

The opener- Delorean, funny awkward guys who made sure to thank the crowd after every song, good starter.


The main event- Miike Snow, AWESOME! A solid hour and a half of non stop beats, with a room filled of 20 somethings. The band came out in white masks, with the lead singers cut to show off his signature beard. Lights were flashing and the fog machine was filling the room of The Hawthorne. These guys could have played a much bigger venue, but it’s always nice to be in a smaller audience.

The night peaked with “animal”, every person in the crowd was jumping to the same rhythm, yelling the lyrics. I like all of their songs, but I would’ve been happy with them playing animal over and over too. The night ended with a 20 minute encore that made it seem like the band didn’t even want to leave.

I’ll try to post a video later. If you haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend downloading the album.


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