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Blizzardtales April 20, 2010

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Once upon a time 25 years ago, there was a genius who invented the Blizzard. In honor of that historic day Dairy Queen is celebrating! They are having a WEEK LONG promotion, no coupons necessary: Buy One Blizzard for regular price, get a 2nd Blizzard of equal or smaller size for 25 CENTS!

It should be no surprise to those of you that know me well that I have already taken part in this promotion. And yes, I found out about it a week ago through a blizzard fan club email and made an alarm for it in my phone. Go ahead and laugh, but I have the 2nd half of my heath blizzard waiting for me in the freezer and YOU still have to go out and get one.

But man, 25 years, lucky for me I have had a lifetime of blizzards. In the small town I grew up in in Michigan the Dairy Queen that was the hot spot in town. Summers in Minnesota were/are filled with boat rides to the local DQ. Mt. Hood ski trips aren’t official unless we end with a stop at the DQ at the bottom of the mountain. In fact, my parents convinced me moving to Oregon was a good idea because there was a Dairy Queen down the street. I would fantasize about sneaking out of my bedroom window and walking down the road for a midnight snack…unfortunately “down the street” = a 5 minute drive, which was out of the question for an 8 year old. One time I did luck out because our car got a flat tire right next to that Dairy Queen, couldn’t have planned a better flat tire.

Growing up I enjoyed the classics–star kisses and dilly bars, and had affairs with Mister Misty Freezes and the oh-so-healthy frozen yogurt Breezes, but fell in love with the blizzard. Just like how people go through fazes of which specialty coffee drink is “their drink”, I have had life fazes of “my blizzard”.

It started with the colorfully sweet, super tangy Nerd Blizzard. Then I discovered heath bars and got hooked. When I like totally grew up I proved it by switching to cappuccino heath blizzards (so there). I tested out the limited time Thin Mint blizzard in honor of the girl scouts. And Lately, I’ve been bouncing between reeses peanut butter or butterfinger. Believe it or not, I am not overweight.

So, who wants to go get a blizzard for 25 cents tomorrow with me?


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