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Half Marathon…Bid or No Bid? April 24, 2010

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Last week I got a gchat message from my sister: “sign up for this!” …I clicked on it and was taken to the entry form for the Nike Women’s Marathon/Half Marathon. The way it works is you submit an entry and then a few weeks later they do a drawing and you are selected (or not) to race. The insecurity of it all was a bit exhilarating and I made the impulsive decision to sign up!

I have been debating doing a half marathon, or full, for awhile now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity–not only was it not guaranteed I would have to do it, but if I got selected it would be a great kick in the booty to get back into running shape! So..drum roll please….I GOT SELECTED!!

Such a cute design, hopefully the race shirt??

Now I realize there is no reason I was selected over someone else, but it does feel like more of an honor to race then an obligation (which will hopefully make training a little easier).

Something I missed during the sign up as well is that the money goes towards the leukemia & lymphoma society, can’t beat that!

So not only do I get to take part in a great womens race, donate to a wonderful cause, get back in shape, (this is a longer positive list than I thought!), take a trip to Cali, partake in the 3 days of events before the race and get a gift from Tiffany’s at the finish, but I get to do it with my sister too!! The last time I was in a sporting event with my sister was Nationals circa 2003 for synchronized ice skating. It’s too bad we are in different states and can’t train together but keeping each other motivated over the next 5.5 months and during the race will be exciting!

Next week: training begins. I think this may require a few more cute nike running outfits…


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