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Rip City April 30, 2010

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Despite being bumped out of the play offs in the first round by the Phoenix Suns, I would hope the Blazers are proud of their season. They fought hard through injuries, had new players step up, and kept us fans wanting more. (2011!)

As for MY Trail Blazer season, it was the best. Being lucky enough to attend 8 games–from literally the last row, to club level, to row M–and score appx 5 free chalpuas, I got caught up in the love for our one and only professional team. I was able to introduce (and convert to fans) friends from Boston and Chicago to the team by taking them to a game, and share the excitement of the Rose Garden with other friends and family.

Though I fell in love with the Blazers cough*JoelPryzbilla*cough 4 years ago, I gained an appreciation for the whole team this year (starting with learning all their names). I blended right in with the serious Rip City-ens for the first time in my Zilla jersey, which of course I received the week after he got injured… I could even comment on how LA needs to be more aggressive in the paint or how Bayless is always mean muggin after he scores, and get some nods of agreement.

Bayless Soarin'

I would have to say one of my favorite games this year was Blaze’s (Trail Blazer Mascot) birthday. About 10 other mascots from other teams came to celebrate with him and, as you can imagine, the arena was in chaos. Mascots were climbing over people in the stands, trying to pants refs, and one-up each other the whole night.


On game days where I was lucky enough to go there were a few great restaurants for a little pre-game happy hour. Including:

Clark Lewis Happy Hour until 6:30 PM--Water Ave Eastside

Gotham Tavern--Happy Hour, One Stop North of Rose Garden, free parkingProduce Row-Great Happy Hour

Widmer Brewery-Near Gotham, Happy Hour

If I was unable to attend the game at the Rose Garden, there are a few great spots in Portland to view the game with great food and fans. Including:

Mission Theatre-Glisan & 15th (?) HUGE screen, Cheering encouraged

On Deck-Happy Hour- Lovejoy & 14th

Of course these are all recommendations for 2011 season, I’m looking foward to it! GO ZERS!

Can I get a headband?

Yup you're my fav.


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