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Here’s To You… May 1, 2010

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Since I have started blogging, I have read a few other blogs to find ideas for how I want to write my own. To be honest, this blog has no real direction or theme (what? that wasn’t obvious already?). I have found a feature I do enjoy on other blogs: themed posts. NOT a themed blog with posts on all the same subject, but similar titles on posts that stem from the same idea. Some bloggers do a great job of posting the themed post regularly–ex. Friday Food Post. Unfortunately, I cannot promise that my blogs will be so organized and planned. But, I do have some ideas for themed posts that I will be introducing in the next week and anytime in the future when I think of a new one!

My first themed post is “Here’s To You…”. It’s about the Rascal Flatts song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_1z2cJ8LXw). PSYCH! Whenever you see that title on a blog post you will know it will be on something I am recommending/applauding/loving. My first post of this nature was back about a month ago about White House Black Market’s customer service. Today’s Here’s To You… post is:

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color!

I am the type of girl that enjoys throwing on a shade of nail polish every once in awhile, but it is always a spur of the moment decision and I don’t ever give myself enough time to let it dry. The sad part is, I do a good job of putting it on, I stay “in the lines”. Then I go and ruin it because I decide to put it on before bed, or before I put on a pair strappy heels, or before I straighten my hair. You get the point…it never works out well for my nails. Then I end up wasting time and nail polish trying to salvage it by putting more on to cover the smudge, which makes it look worse, and end up taking it off. So, I have always been on the lookout for a brand of instant dry nail polish that ACTUALLY dries instantly. Well, Sally Hansen, you’ve done it!

I found this beautifully bright mango motion shade at Target a week ago. I gave it the ultimate test: I put it on right before I had to pack a bag for a trip. Unbelievable success. That being said, Here’s To You Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish, I will save on a lot of nail polish remover in the future because of you!


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