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Cinco de Mayo! May 6, 2010

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!! In honor of this festive day, I have decided to post some of my favorite mexican restaurants in Portland.

Best Margaritas: Casa Del Matador, 23rd, decorated in a romantic red with bar seating around a fire, this restaurant is a great for a date night or girls night out! Not only are their margaritas fantasssstic (I recommend the Tamarindo with a cinnamon sugar rim, mmmm) but their upscale TexMex menu is creative and does not disappoint.

Best Sunny Day Seating: Cha! 21st, This restaurant is quite the opposite in appearance. It has beautiful hanging white drapes and decorative lights on their patio that MAKE you want to eat there. Luckily, their food is just as pleasant as refershing. I highly recommend Cha on a warm summers day for a tasty lunch or happy hour.

So Cheers! to a happy Cinco de Mayo!! I’m on my way to my margarita now…


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