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Which Castle Is Yours? May 9, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Erin @ 6:00 pm

So I recently started following Madison, from the cast of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, on twitter. Today he had a great link to 15 Great Castles. (http://opentravel.com/blogs/15-amazing-castles-from-around-the-globe/). SO for fun I scrolled through pretty quickly, trying to not look at the locations, so I was not biased to choose my favorite. Even though I am AWEFUL at picking favorites of anything I narrowed it down to 2:

Neuchâtel Castle, Switzerland

Chambord Castle. France

Of course now that I am looking at all the castles again, I am already second guessing my choices (man, buying a home is going to be difficult for me).

Play yourself! Go to: http://opentravel.com/blogs/15-amazing-castles-from-around-the-globe/ and comment on your favorite castle!


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