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Modern Family May 12, 2010

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Best show on TV? True.

On the last episode, Airport ( you can watch the full episode on abc’s site), Phil showed off his real estate agent skills by breaking into Mitchell’s house. The quote of the night was: “All real estate agents are just ninjas in blazers”.  I recently passed my brokers exam, soon to be licensed,  and plan to base my career on this quote. So watch out Oregon, a new ninjas in town!

There isn’t one character on the show that I dislike. Right now I am watching Gloria (Sofia Vergara) on Rachel Ray. She is gorgeous, carefree, and funny. I always try to speak in her accent after the show. And fail. But it’s fun. Also, she has a 19 year old son, how is that possible?!

Love her.

Only 2 episodes left this season 😦 second to last on tonight!


One Response to “Modern Family”

  1. Agreed – best show on TV! I’ve actually had arguments with friends…since they say Glee is the best. This show is so creative and hilarious! I’ll be following your blog!

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