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Hair-tertainment May 13, 2010

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Haircuts for the first 14 years of my life consisted of me going to a salon of my moms choice. I would tell the stylist how I wanted my hair cut…and get it about 2 inches shorter and frizzier than I asked. When I was going into highschool and this happened, it was the last straw. So the next time I had a hair appointment, I took my stand and refused a professional cut. Determined I could do a better job myself, I grabbed some scissors and cut. At least if I screwed up I could blame it on myself, which is easier for me than knowing someone else did it wrong.

As much as this sounds like it was going to end badly… I didn’t do a half bad job! My hair was relatively all the same length, and there was even a bit of style to it, of course my hair is curly and therefore more forgiving to uneven lengths. ANYWAYS, I continued to cut my own hair throughout high school.

Not until college, when I felt the need to be a little more pampered, did I return to a salon. I don’t know if it was a better salon…or a more accepting me, but I haven’t had a bad haircut at a salon since my return. I even went as far as to allow my hair stylist at Dosha Bridgeport to highlight my hair (allowing my hair to be colored is a whoooole ‘nother story). I have been to a few salons and, as every girl does, love the relaxation of the salon and have loved all my cuts and color.

I have cut about 6 other peoples hair now and have been fairly successful in not screwing up. And every once in awhile I will be watching a make over episode of Americas Next Top Model, avoiding studying, or just get plain bored, and reach for the clippers.

Makeover episode always gets me

Today, boredom got the best of me. My plan to cut ~2 inches turned into about 5. Am I mad? No. I did it to myself, and it’s a cute summer look…which may be accompanied by some new highlights from Dosha in the coming weeks. (Cut is similar to Claire from Modern Families from below…which made me feel better about the extra 3 inches off). Hopefully I will like it as much in the morning!


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