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Terrier Rowing. May 19, 2010

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This past weekend at our regional regatta, I got to talking with a  parent of a rower that is going to my alma mater to row next year. He was a bit worried about how his childs level of academics and athleticism would be affected by the other kids at the school, and more importantly, the kids on the team.  

My response was never ending, as I could not properly describe the talent and greatness of the girls I rowed with for 4 years. Now a few days after this talk, I continue to think about how amazing my experience with these girls was, and written below is my attempt at a short summary of my response.

The only way anyone gets to be a student athlete at  BU is by hard work and dedication in the years prior to college. Once on the BU rowing team, I was immediately surrounded by incredible competitive athletes and coaches who I knew would push me to my highest level of sport. There were always girls ahead of me who were better, and other girls next to me who wanted to beat me to the top. It was tough, and exhilirating, to be training so hard to be stronger, faster, better…and never be done. Not even now, post college.

 What I didn’t realize after my last race when I was “finally done” with all hard training, is that I wasn’t. I could be if I wanted to, but instilled in me is the Drive, Desire, Determination, and Dedication to keep up with these girls I trained with for 4 years. My teammates are still achieving great things as athletes. From world cup rowing and national selection regattas to traithalons and marathons. They inspire me to work harder, in order to keep up and to represent what it is to be a BU alumni rower.

At BU, my competitive nature (and that of my teammates) did not stop in the weight room, it was carried into the classroom as well.  All the girls I rowed with not only graduated in 4 years, but did so with high grades, and honors.  My teammates are so incredibly talented on and off the water, the bar I  had originally set for myself for college was raised immensely in order to keep up and “fit in” on this team.

Now with graduate degrees, careers in medical fields, philanthropic activities, and work in business firms, these ladies could rule the world.

As you can probably tell I was, and still am, in awe of the girls I trained with during college. They not only pushed me to do my best in college, they continue to make me a better alumni.

Go terriers.


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