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Here’s To You… May 31, 2010

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Ever had a great picture you wish you could put on display in something other than a regular frame? Well I have your solution: Canvas Pop!

This company is fantastic. You can upload any picture and have it printed on canvas. You can vary the size & number of canvass, you can frame or wrap the picture. I have one of a picture I took of my college boathouse above my bed just like in the picture below. The best part is I got this as a gift–it was completely unexpected and a personal unique gift that I’ll have forever. (hint: buy it as a gift!)

They are incredibly well done and look beautiful in your home. So Here’s To You… Canvas Pop!

And to make this post even better, I got an email today from Groupon (daily deal site) with a deal for Canvas Pop. So if you click on the link below and purchase by the end of the day you can get $80 worth of canvaspop gift card for $40!! Thanks Groupon!



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