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Another Favorite Outfit… June 3, 2010

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On the topic of great outfits…My favorite work out outfit is: a pair of nike spandex shorts/capris/tights, a nike swoosh sports bra, a loose nike or old navy tank, nike or asics shoes & goody grip head band. If you haven’t caught on, I. Love. Nike.

I love walking to the gym in my Nike flip flops, and start my work out in a long sleeve T.

I’m sure my love for spandex bottoms came directly from my history of tight clothing in rowing and swimming. The loose tank top feels light and comfortable throughout the work out, and its totally cute. It’s also fun to wear bright colors to work out, especially a bright sports bra thats a little flare of color under the tank.

I’m sure this post had a big impact on your day 😛 but a good work out outfit always makes working out more fun, not to mention when I buy new work out clothes I have more motivation to get to the gym!

What’s your favorite work out outfit??


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