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The Post Work Out Slow Walk June 3, 2010

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I am a fast walker. I learned it from my mama. When I was young there were times where I would have to put a little jog in my step to keep up. The thrill (yes, THRILL) of passing people on the sidewalk and getting where I need to go fast is just how I do. Even when I try to walk slow, it’s still quicker than normal.

As much as I enjoy and just naturally walk quickly, one of the best feelings is the post work out slow walk.

Today I left the gym after some quarter mile sprints on the treadmill and slowly made my way to my car. I realized halfway there how slow I was walking, and had to smile cause I knew the only thing that can slow me down is a good, hard work out.

It reminded me of most of my walks home from the babcock weight room or across the BU bridge from the boat house. On the days I didn’t have to rush to class or an internship…or another work out…I would get the slow walk goin.

I know this picture doesn't really fit but I just like it.

The post work out slow walk = my new goal post all workouts.


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