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Party Streamers June 5, 2010

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I recently went to a birthday party where the parents had decorated with pink and yellow streamers. They brightened up the room and made the atmosphere festive, but looked best shining in the sun out on their deck. I don’t know why, but until that party I had forgotten streamers even existed. Now, I love the idea! They are inexpensive and easy to set up & take down, and show you put some effort into decorating.

Clearly this was a skilled streamer setter-upper

I bought some the other day and started setting them up for my puppies 16th birthday tonight (I know its still, but I promised him a sweet 16 if he could make it that long). I started setting some white streamers up in an entryway but when I got down off the chair to take a look at my work, I burst out laughing. It looked like the entryway had gotten teepee’d.

So note for next time: Don’t buy white streamers, especially if you aren’t the best streamer-setter-upper, aka Me.


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