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CELTICS!! June 16, 2010

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In Portland, we lack the majority of professional teams. So before college, the array of teams for me to claim as “my teams” were endless. Once going to school in Boston, I quickly found the teams to steal those sought-after spots in my heart. The intense support from Bostonians of their teams definitely rubbed off on me. For example–I had never liked baseball, let alone a specific team, but living 2 blocks away from Fenway made it hard not to fall in love with the loyalty, americana, and spirit of the sport (and their unique fenway franks!). Needless to say, I learned to love all the Boston teams. [times “teams” was said in this paragraph=8, awesome writing].

Right now I’m watching game 6 (not going the best for the boys in green) & I’m reminiscing on the wonderful day 2 years ago when they clenched the title. Since the Red Sox had won their own title the fall before, the city of Boston was filled with electric Celtic’s support. The sporty man in my life was nice enough to score us some tickets the night of first 2008 playoff game, only deepening my awe of the beantown teams.

Though I will always put the Trail Blazers first, when they aren’t in the running anymore, the Celtics are my #2.


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