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Wedding Planning June 22, 2010

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I recently attended my oldest friends wedding. Held in a beautiful church, it was amazing to see someone I have known literally my entire life, so happy. The whole day was a celebration, as it should be. It was planned so well no one ever seemed stressed. I think that is key to a great wedding–plan well before hand, and then on the day let the planning go and embrace the joy of the commitment you are making to your prince charming (or princess charming…?).

Light purple, green, and white graced every detail of their reception. The decorations were simple and kept the focus on the couple. A slideshow entertained all the guests as we waited for the couples arrival to the reception. Great food & drinks were capped off with 2 cakes–a beautiful one pictured below, and a fun U of M football stadium cake that was cut to the voices of every attendee singing the Michigan fight song (not to the liking of the Michigan State couples reception down the hall).

The dance floor was packed with people dancing to your traditional wedding music…you know the kind where no one has an excuse not to dance because everyone knows the moves! (YMCA, chicken dance, etc…). By far the best song of the wedding was the song the Bride walked down the aisle to…Love in this club-Usher. The piano version. Unexpectedly, the song sounded beautiful and not out of place…and my date was one of the only people to recognize it. It was a great choice–unique & a great story for the Bride to tell later.

Creme Brulee Cake!

I have always liked planning events and think weddings are incredible. I love everything about them–from the seriousness of the ceremony to the crazy dancing and centerpieces. Mostly, I enjoy how every detail in the planning is completely unique to the couple. Capturing the personalities and style of a couple through music, decorations, dresses, food, etc…is fascinating to me, and must feel incredibly rewarding when done right.

The career of a wedding planner has crossed my mind in the past…of course I have never really seen what it takes to plan a wedding. I have a grand idea of how wonderful it would be to perfect every inch of the event, and maybe I will someday. I just hope it is as much fun as I imagine… unlike my dream of being a lawyer which was crushed in my first law class. Not suprising though since I believed every lawyer had as much fun as Elle Woods did…

The Bridal parties transportation to the reception!

Enough about my career possibilities…I had a great time at my friends wedding. She did a wonderful job planning & more importantly, enjoying! It was beautiful & traditional, and I wish her and her husband all the best!

I especially love her dress--traditional, classy, with the beautiful detail of the rose. She commented on how comfortable she was in it as well. (Note the dress I chose from the Summer Wedding Dress Search, thanks anthropologie!)



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  1. klerrr Says:

    gahhh love in this club piano version–what a brilliantttt idea!

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