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Pepsi Refresh Project June 24, 2010

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By now most of us have seen the commercials for the Pepsi Refresh Project. Pepsi is awarding people’s good ideas with Pepsi Refresh Grants. If you have not heard about it here is the commercial:

Many people have submitted ideas, and all of them are great, but I am going to plug one that is special to me: Raise Money for the Children’s Cancer Association RX Program.

All of us know someone affected by cancer, and arguably the worst kind is cancer  in children. I personally had a great friend, with an incredible voice, pass away from cancer at a young age–so this particular program really hits home. One of my friends is leading this campaign to get a Pepsi Refresh Grant of $50,000. Her team has done the research, they’ve submitted their Pepsi application, and have been promoting their idea.

What do they need now? Votes.

No money, no long survey, not even a run! All you need to do is go here: http://www.refresheverything.com/ccamusicrx, click “vote for this idea” and create a username so you can go back and vote everyday if you want. Possibly one of the easiest things you can do to raise money to help children with cancer.



One Response to “Pepsi Refresh Project”

  1. Megan Davis Says:

    Erin, you’re awesome! Thanks for the support!

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