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My Favorites: Actresses July 19, 2010

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I have never been someone who has favorites. I like a lot of things and can never narrow it down to just one, it’s too much pressure! So I am starting a new recurring post called My Favorites. This week I am going to post on actresses that I love. Comment at the end of this post with other topics I should post favorites on!

Jennifer Aniston: poised, hilarious, gorgeous, healthy, and confident. My love for Friends has deceived me into thinking she is actually one of my friends.

Ellen Degeneres: hilarious, giving, accepting of everyone, and always brightens my day with her dance moves.

Katherine Heigl: A natural beauty who seems down to earth and incredibly friendly. I started liking her back in Wish Upon a Star on Disney channel.

Blake Lively- she’s got great style, always seems to be having fun, and could even be completely goofy on SNL…and I want her hair.

So pretty much I like actresses that are: funny, pretty, friendly, talented, and confident. And apparently blonde.

What favorites post should be next?


One Response to “My Favorites: Actresses”

  1. Martha Says:

    Your favorite stuffed animals:)

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