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Red Sox v. Mariners July 26, 2010

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Yesterday the boy and I went on a whirlwind trip up to Seattle to get my annual Red Sox fix. Since I had never been a mariners fan, let alone a baseball fan before I went to Boston for school, it was exciting to see how the west coast does MLB.

We met up with BU alums for a great lunch on the Outside Corner of Safeco Field. Sitting directly behind the Safeco sign, it was amazing to take in the backdrop of this stadium. Mt. Rainier  and Lake Washington gleamed in the perfect 80 degree baseball weather.

After the luncheon, we made our way to our seats and were surprised at the showing of red sox fans. I’ve always known of Red Sox Nation, but MAN it’s highly possible there were more Red Sox fans than Mariners. In fact, “lets go Red Sox” cheers broke out multiple times overtaking the stadium…never heard one for the mariners! It’s amazing to see one team connect so many people, even on the complete opposite side of the country.

Though Safeco was fun, doesn’t compare to Fenway. Nothing beats the history and classic Americana feeling you get when you are there, not to mention you can never get a bad seat.

Go Red Sox!


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