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The 100th Post! July 29, 2010

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Dear Blog,

Happy #100!! To be honest, I never thought I could post this long. Anytime I attempted a diary when I was younger it would last approximately 2 days.

I started this blog because I was inspired by some friends blogs, and wanted to give it a try. I was all set to start writing and realized…I had no idea what my blog was going to be about. BIG problem.

A couple days after signing up with wordpress, I realized what my blog should be: positive.

As you well know, there is very little consistency in my posts, but they are always positive. This has been the sole goal of my my blog.  This goal has in fact forced me to think more positively, and in turn I have identified more of the sprinkles that top my days. (Yes, you can laugh at the cheesiness).

Hopefully, it has brightened your day at times, or in the least gave you another site to check when you were bored.

Please comment on which types of posts you like best, and I will do my best to post more of what you want to read. (thoughtful, gift ideas, event reviews, Here’s to you…, company deals, random short posts, favorites).




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