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Great Flower Tip August 10, 2010

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On Oprah’s dream job episode today, they followed a few very successful people, including: J.Crew’s executive creative director, Jenna Lyons. Her job really is a dream, watching the clips of her work day pretty much made me drool.

Jenna Lyons Job Clip

Another dream- jobber was rock ‘n’ roll florist, Jeff Leatham. When asked what tips he has for people ordering flowers he gave this great tip:

“If you’re looking to send flowers to someone, Jeff suggests sending a bouquet without a vase and passing on arrangements of many different types of flowers. “Just say [to the florist], ‘What’s the most beautiful flower you have in your shop right now?’ … Just send a big bunch of the same type” – Oprah

What a great tip! First of all, everyone has vases in their home they don’t get to use enough. Second,  you can cut your costs, while providing the recipient with more, better flowers. And by sending a bouquet of one variety, you won’t have to worry if the arrangement will arrive as you hoped.


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