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Ads August 23, 2010

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So it’s been a few days since I posted, so I decided to open up my Vanity Fair September issue for some potential inspiration…and I got it.

Every magazine has tons. and tons. of ads. I happen to be someone who doesn’t mind it so much. Why? Probably because I studied marketing, took some advertising classes, and love photography.

So as I flipped through the pages of VF, I tagged the companies who almost always have ads & pictures I like. Some of my favorites are:


Especially like their choice of Emma Watson as a model

Michael Kors fall 2010 ads. I love fall, and this ad makes me incredibly excited for the coming months. One of my all time favorite ads.

Tommy Hilfiger. Americana, 'nough said.

Jcrew. Dream job? JCrew catalog photographer.

Ralph Lauren. Always classy/preppy/pretty.

What ads do you like??


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