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Here’s to you… August 25, 2010


Two summer’s ago I found a TON of ice cream recipes in magazines. I pulled them all out and was pumped to start making ice cream… and then I read the instructions. I’m sure it’s obvious to all of you, but I didn’t realize you HAD to have an ice cream maker.  Yes, I know, dumb blonde moment. Anyways, I put all those recipes away and made a mental note to ask for one for the next gift giving holiday…

Well, 2 years of holidays passed, and each time the ice cream maker idea escaped me. Fortunately, the topic of making ice cream came up in a family discussion just before my birthday this year and…voila! Ice cream maker in my kitchen.

What makes it awesome? Simple ingredients. Short amount of time. Custom, homemade ice cream.

What have I made? Vanilla, S’mores, and fresh garden picked blackberry sorbet. De.Lic.Ious.

What’s next? Butter Pecan, Frozen Yogurt, Cheesecake ice cream…the list is endless.


One Response to “Here’s to you…”

  1. Martha Says:

    Maybe the best thing I’ve ever consumed…..Erin’s Blackberry Sorbet. It could solve all the world’s problems if everyone took just one spoonful.

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