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Highlights of Denver October 18, 2010

A couple weekends ago I flew to Denver to celebrate a birthday. After a weekend of sun, good food, and football Denver clinched it’s spot as my third favorite city (only behind Boston & Portland, which are tied).

My trip started out great with a quick flight over to Denver (which got in 50 minutes EARLY, shout out Southwest). Below are some highlights of the trip, and recommendations if you ever make a trip to the Sunny Mile High City.

Folsom Field at University of Colorado. Quite possibly the prettiest setting for a football field in the nation. Our trip there started 4 hours before the game for a tailgate. A car packed field was littered with Buff fans, BBQ's, and beer...it was a great first tailgate experience capped off with a Buff win.

The Tavern Downtown Denver had a great rooftop bar and very tasty frozen drink called a 190 which hit the spot on an unusually warm fall Denver night.

A unique ice cream shop offers some just as unique flavors of ice cream that are incredibly tasty.

Got a fantastic breakfast sandwich...for dinner...very generous portions and great drinks.



Had the most delicioius white caramel latte. Recommended for anyone with a major sweet tooth.



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