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2011 Resolutions January 1, 2011

Filed under: Event Recaps,Holiday — Erin @ 8:52 pm

I have never been good with new years resolutions. Not in being able to keep them but thinking of them in the first place. Clearly this is because I am perfect.

Kidding! Every year, except for one year when I was decisive enough to pledge to floss daily (cough*bi-weekly*cough), my resolution usually boils down to just “being better”. Tonight I explained to two little girls that a resolution should be something that will help you better yourself…which is why the tentative resolution to “snuggle their dog less” wouldn’t be necessary for 2011 😛 .

Though I won’t bore you with my “2011 bettering myself parameters” I encourage everyone to choose a resolution that is simple, positive and will improve your life, not just 2011.


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