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Celebrity Hair Crush July 5, 2011

Was browsing BuzzFeed.com today (daily dose of everything viral) and saw this “story” about Lauren Conrad’s newest hair adventure. I say “story” because I realize this isn’t in the same ball park as certain trials and political events happening…but this blog is called Sprinkles On Top, and this just happens to be a little something that caught my eye 🙂

If I did not work in an office or was in my teens….and if I had a fantastic expensive stylist to make sure it was done right…then I would totally have a fling with this ‘do. LC has always had gorgeous hair but this is just so fun, summery, and stylish!



Christmas Shopping Tips November 8, 2010

The holiday season is starting to begin–trailers for holiday movies on TV, Starbucks holiday cups, and downtown Portland has started to display their christmas lights. You know what that means! Christmas shopping time is in full swing. I wish everyone loved christmas shopping but for many it’s just incredibly stressful. Below are some tips that may help to make it less stressful, or just more fun!

1. Throughout the year any good potential gifts (or just cool items) you see online save them in a “Gifts” bookmark folder or add to a potential gifts list. I do both of these things. Then when it comes time to start christmas shopping the “AAH what do I get this person?!” feeling is greatly minimized by having some great gift ideas before the shopping even begins. (You can also check out my Gifts posts by clicking on the “Gifts” category to the right to help get some ideas!).


2. Be a member of Groupon and Living Social who will send you daily emails with great deals. Many of the deals will be things you don’t want or need. BUT on those fabulous days that it IS something you want. It’s awesome. The key is to buy the deals you want and then save them for this time of year instead of spending them immediately on yourself.

TIP: check the expiration date on the deals to make sure you use them in time! Also, when you get those daily emails make sure to consider those you give gifts to before clicking the “delete” button. I have a couple gifts covered by groupon and living social deals already. I saved money and the gifts will WOW the recipient (they don’t have to know how much you saved 😉 )

3. Just like the “potential gifts” list you made throughout the year, once you start buying gifts make a list of what you have gotten, who it is for, and the price of the gift. Then when you think of a great gift for someone double check you haven’t already bought something for that person and keep an eye on how much you have been spending.


4. Have a few back-up gifts. Grab a few bottles of wine (one of Oregon’s many selections!), a couple candles, or some chocolates for those people you may forget. You know we all do it and it’s nothing to feel bad about…as long as you are prepared! No one wants to be forgotten but it’s even worse if you are the one who forgot. Make it less of a “my bad” gift by buying local and having some nice cards you can jot a quick personal note in.


See's Chocolate & Moonstruck are great locally owned chocolate stores!

5. Don’t take a lot of trips to the mall. Use that potential gifts list to your advantage! Figure out what is best to go buy, and get those specific items. No one likes to wander aimlessly through the crowded mall halls.


AAAH crowded! Avoid staying in this long!

6. Don’t go in the mall with out a plan, all the stores will have sales that will suck you into buying more than you need or want.


7. There are a few people that you won’t be able to think of a GREAT gift for. This is when you can take advantage of those store sales. Get them something they will appreciate and use but doesn’t cost a lot. (Key: Know how many people you want to buy these types of gifts for so again you don’t over spend). Some good staple gifts for girls: bath & body works lotion/body wash, The Limited or Gap Scarf, Coach wristlet, wine, chocolates, starbucks gift certificate, or costume jewelry. For boys: itunes gift card, best buy gift card, a season of their favorite show, netflix subscription (boys are so much harder 😛 ).


8. Go shopping by yourself or with a friend (that you are not purchasing for), grab a starbucks, plan a lunch in the middle of the trip and make it a festive event! I always love carrying around all my purchases in the stores festive shopping bags for my own Carrie Bradshaw moment.


Ok, I know this is Charlotte but it was definitely the best shopping bag featuring sex and the city picture I found.

I’ll add tips throughout the season as they come to mind, but start those lists so you can feel comfortable with your spending and be unstressed about having a gift for everyone!


Here’s to you… October 27, 2010

Recently, I was cold in my house and was in a bath mood. I had some time, and wanted to relax. I remembered my friend Sally had gotten me some Lush Bubble Bars as a gift. Bubble bath? Perfect!

Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar - Image links to Lush site

I placed half of the Flosty Gritter Lush Bubble Bar right under the faucet and started to draw myself a bath (yeah, I said that). I let the water run, and left the room for a few minutes. When I came back in, I was amazed: not only were there perfect bubbles crowding the top of the water but, the WATER WAS PINK! Does a bath get more girly?!

Well in fact it does. Because this Bubble Bar smells of vanilla and lavender and also fills the water with sparkles. Here’s to you… Lush Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar. You made bath time even more perfect. I recommend breaking them in half for 2 uses instead of one since they aren’t very cheap (but who has time for baths all time anyway?).

Stocking stuffers? You bet.  I’m excited to try more Bubble Bars from Lush’s selection.


Nike Women’s Half Marathon October 25, 2010

A week ago tonight, I was on a flight back to Portland from San Francisco on a plane scattered with women just like me–exhausted, exhilarated, and proud. We felt this way because 8 hours earlier we had completed our Nike Women’s Half and Full Marathons (half for me).

The fun had actually started 2 days earlier when I walked up Polk St exploring the city to discover Union Square covered by tents, sponsors, and women picking up their event packets for the race looming in our immediate future. The expo was run incredibly, I walked right up to the sign-in, got my pink draw string bag filled with coupons, race number, and timing chip. Then, I continued through the tent where I blended my own creamsicle smoothie on a spin bike, got luna bar and POM samples, listened to olympian advice, and admired those getting foot massages.

Little did I know the biggest surprise was just off the square…the outside wall of Nike Town had been covered with a massive sticker displaying all 23,000 runners names. Awesome.

After a sleepless night filled with race jitters and what-ifs my sister (who I was running with), our boyfriends, and I discovered her car window was shattered on the ground, GPS stolen. Our ride to the start line was out of commission and I instantly lost all my nerves for the race…no reason to be nervous, this is for fun! Real life is harder than an optional athletic adventure.

Luckily, after a few blocks of speed walking, my sister and I hailed a cab to drive us to the start line (instead of adding another mile to the 13.1 we were already scheduled to run). We scurried up to the crowd just in time for the start count down:

5-soaking in the experience

4– realizing its 7 am on a Sunday and still dark in San Fran

3– hands up for the countdown music

2– excited nerves hit

1-ready to run!

0-… twenty minute wait until we actually crossed the start line. hah.

Though we were patient and contained our excitement to burst out the gates for 20 minutes, we couldn’t hold back anymore when we heard Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” on the speakers. We decided we had to cross the start line before the end of the song.

The first three miles all 23,000 women were crowded in the city blocks trying to contain our adrenaline to a nice steady start pace–afterall it WAS a marathon, not a sprint. The streets were quickly scattered with clothes that runners became too hot to bear any longer. I was on the edge of outrage at the people littering new, expensive clothing so thoughtlessly on the streets when my sister informed me all of the clothing was going to be picked up post-race and donated. PHEW.

Just when my sister and I thought we might get a window of opportunity to pass some people…you could say we are competitive…we would turn a corner and see the sea of people ahead of us trudging through streets to the pier.

The race course itself was stunning. We started at Union Square, went down to Embarcadero, and ran along the pier, had incredible views of Alcatraz, The Golden Gate, and my favorite: Ghiridelli.

Six miles in we discovered our first big test: 1 mile, straight up. It was time to live the slogan I was sporting on my tank top and “Just Do It”.

We had already faced a few hills, but this winding death trap was something barely anyone was prepared for. After power walking our way up, we got a burst of new energy after passing some familiar faces in the cheering crowd.

The mile down the sea cliff along the ocean made the mile up well worth it. I let my body reach the brink of being out of control and wanted to throw my arms out to my side because I felt light as a feather. The thought of flying down the hill like a child mimicing an airplane made me smile and appreciate the run…though I didn’t actually do it. That would make me look weird.

At mile 7 I channeled the good advice of my BFF Kayla, to “just go for it, it’ll go by quick!”, and I shifted my mind set from “finishing” to “racing”. The last few miles were filled with some more lovely hills…grrr…and inspirational messages from some of the sponsors. Two of my favorite signs posted on the side of the road, and ON the road, were:

  • A series of 9 “reasons” to keep running with the final one reading “that necklace is mine” – referring to the Tiffany necklace waiting for all finishers at the finish line.
  • A Safeway sign: “Jack & Jill ran up a hill. Jill won.”

Around mile 10 my body started to realize my increase in pace and needed something more than some inspirational signs to keep going. And then I remembered: Ghiridelli mile. Yes, you read that right, awaiting me in the final mile were squares of Ghiridelli chocloate. In my dreams leading up to race day, I imagined tables filled with chocolate in an “all you can grab” scenario…turns out it was a couple girls handing you one square from a cardboard box as you turned a corner. At least it was good motivation! And you know I ripped open that chocolate square 1.1 miles later after the finish line.

Speaking of the finish line, it came out of nowhere. I turned a corner after I had just convinced myself the final mile was going to seem like forever, I saw the “FINISH” banner and tents only a few hundred meters away. I sprinted.

…halfway through the sprint I questioned my decision to sprint after 13 miles…and then I saw her: the lady walking who was going to cross the finish line before me. I DON’T THINK SO. She was my final conquest, I sprinted by her just before crossing the line. Success.

After dropping to my knees to catch my breath, I looked up and saw the little blue box that had convinced me to sign up for this race in the first place. My Tiffany necklace was now just that, mine. The weekends slogan, “I Run To Be,” graced the silver pendant. It hasn’t left my neck since.

Hard to see, but you get the idea.

All in all, my first half marathon experience was incredible. I did not expect anything less from Nike, and am contemplating my next athletic endeavor…


Highlights of Denver October 18, 2010

A couple weekends ago I flew to Denver to celebrate a birthday. After a weekend of sun, good food, and football Denver clinched it’s spot as my third favorite city (only behind Boston & Portland, which are tied).

My trip started out great with a quick flight over to Denver (which got in 50 minutes EARLY, shout out Southwest). Below are some highlights of the trip, and recommendations if you ever make a trip to the Sunny Mile High City.

Folsom Field at University of Colorado. Quite possibly the prettiest setting for a football field in the nation. Our trip there started 4 hours before the game for a tailgate. A car packed field was littered with Buff fans, BBQ's, and beer...it was a great first tailgate experience capped off with a Buff win.

The Tavern Downtown Denver had a great rooftop bar and very tasty frozen drink called a 190 which hit the spot on an unusually warm fall Denver night.

A unique ice cream shop offers some just as unique flavors of ice cream that are incredibly tasty.

Got a fantastic breakfast sandwich...for dinner...very generous portions and great drinks.



Had the most delicioius white caramel latte. Recommended for anyone with a major sweet tooth.



Beats for ME! October 12, 2010

I have been wanting the Lady Gaga heartbeats headphones for about a year now…they have been around $100 and I couldnt bring myself to buy them. But today I went into best buy and guess what was on sale?! I had to grab them, last pair for $69.99 (still not cheap but I don’t plan on needing a new pair for quite a few years now, not to mention they are under warranty for 3 years!). I recommend you get your pair now if you have wanted them too!


Love them!


Here’s to you… September 27, 2010

This past weekend I went shopping with my good friend Sally. We went to the staples: Ann Taylor Loft, JCrew, Banana Republic, and White House Black Market. Near the end of the day we realized we hadn’t satisfied our shoe shopping quota and stopped into shoe mecca: DSW. Though I love all the stores listed above, this “Here’s to you…” post is for a specific shoe brand….

Approximately 90% of the shoes we oo’ed, awe’d, and made us wish we had more spending money, were a brand we had never heard of: Kelly & Katie. They all happened to be incredibly well priced, too. Below are some of our favorite Kelly & Katie shoes at DSW.

My Purchase

I also have to thank DSW for giving me $5 off for my birthday even though it was OVER a month ago. Shop for your Kelly & Katie shoes here!