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Candle Display January 3, 2011

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Usually I put big stand alone candles on these candle
displays. But how cute is it to put tea light holders on it
instead?? Mixing it up in the new year!


Winter iphone shots January 2, 2011

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2011 Resolutions January 1, 2011

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I have never been good with new years resolutions. Not in being able to keep them but thinking of them in the first place. Clearly this is because I am perfect.

Kidding! Every year, except for one year when I was decisive enough to pledge to floss daily (cough*bi-weekly*cough), my resolution usually boils down to just “being better”. Tonight I explained to two little girls that a resolution should be something that will help you better yourself…which is why the tentative resolution to “snuggle their dog less” wouldn’t be necessary for 2011 😛 .

Though I won’t bore you with my “2011 bettering myself parameters” I encourage everyone to choose a resolution that is simple, positive and will improve your life, not just 2011.



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Watched this approximately 20 times in a row the first time I saw.


Gifts to Sip On December 7, 2010

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Amore Heart Design 4 Piece Coffee Spoons
Hot Chocolate On A Stick. Genius.

(Both pictures link to the sites to buy them.)


Two Great Lighting Decorating Ideas December 3, 2010

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After a weekend of decorating the house for Christmas, I thought I would share 2 ideas my Mom found for us on Rachel Ray’s site that I LOVE. They are simple and pretty…my kind of decorations. Both pictures link to Rachel’s site.

"Twinkle, Twinkle"

Great way to use cheap Christmas Lights without even having to untangle them! 😉


Here’s to you… December 2, 2010

Today’s Here’s to you… award goes to a company that I probably should have recognized awhile ago: Starbucks. In the past month Starbucks has:

  • Given me a free drink for waiting “too long” for my drink. I actually had not even realized it had been longer than usual, but am thrilled they thought so 🙂
  • Brought my first feelings of holiday cheer when they released their holiday cups (and seasonal cranberry bliss bars! mmmm)

  • Let me play a game online to win a 4 pack of Starbucks Via…which I forgot about until today when it came in the mail!
  • Had an awesome buy one get one free promotion for holiday drinks which I took advantage of…twice.
  • Created a great holiday commercial:

The creativity of their marketing, sensitivity of their customer service, and deliciousness of their drinks keep me coming back probably more often than I should. Here’s to you…Starbucks.