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Nike BOOM July 27, 2010

A few months ago, I registered to run in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon with my sister in October. A few months ago, I decided to start training. A few months have gone by… and that hasn’t happened.

I have worked out a bit, but nothing near what I should be doing to train. I have been an athlete my whole life, and am a competitive person, so I want to run the half marathon well, aka not just finish (I’m saving that for a full marathon). Even though swimming and rowing taught me how to train, pace, keep my body healthy, and push through immense pain, I never had to do the training on my own. And that is quite a challenge.

Ever since I graduated, it has been hard to get myself to work out. My first challenge was signing up for a gym. I had been spoiled with facilities to work out in and was reluctant to pay for it. Eventually, I wised up and joined 24 hour fitness, which was a great way to keep me in decent shape through the months of Portland rain.

Even though I had the gym membership, I had no one making me go there, no goal to reach for or teammates to one-up…I mean keep me motivated… 😛 . The half marathon looming in the back of my mind the past couple months has gotten me to work out a bit. But now…less than 3 months away I really need  to kick it up a notch.

The past 2 weeks I have ran around 3 miles on a regular basis. But today, I ran 5. (holler.) This was greatly in thanks to Nike’s new ipod app: Nike BOOM.

This is an app that has athletes and coaches giving short motivational talks to you throughout your workout. They did a great job in the details of this app. For example: if you press pause or say you want to leave the app in the middle of the work out you get a “do you really want to quit?” message on the screen that, frankly, made me feel bad enough to push longer than originally planned (and I was only pausing to stretch!).

I realize the person talking to me is not actually holding me accountable for anything in my workout, or ever going to know that I have the app…but those few messages throughout the work out are all a sport loving, competitive, wants to stay healthy, but has to work out on their own, person needs to get that extra little kick in the booty. Well. It works for me!

BOOM baby.

What gets you going to work out harder, or just work out in general? I’ve got: Nike Boom, cute outfits, and knowing I should.