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Favorite Actress Continued… November 9, 2010

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I was watching Regis & Kelly when I was sick at home the other day and one of their guests was an actress I can not BELIEVE I forgot on my original favorite actresses list: Rachel McAdams.

This girl has had incredibly diverse roles in moves that are ALL amazing. From Mean Girls to The Notebook, the Family Stone to Wedding Crashers. All movies which I own, which gives her the record for “Most Movies I Own with the Same Actress” (a coveted title by all actresses, I’m sure). She seems like an all around nice person who looks good as a brunette and bleach blonde.

Welcome to the favorites list, Rachel.


Celeb Wedding Dresses August 2, 2010

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As you may have gathered from past posts, I love weddings. I should probably look into being a wedding planner since I am so fascinated by them. For now I’ll just stick with watching Say Yes to the Dress marathons.

Below are pictures from some recent weddings, and the many different ways these celebs celebrated. It’s amazing how a white dress can take so many different shapes…

In other exciting wedding news…Jcrew Wedding Boutique (Celebrity Wedding Blog) is now open! I am a huge jcrew fan, and always have liked their bridal line, so having an actual boutique is very exciting.