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Wants and Gifts September 23, 2010

All sorts of great stuff!! Lots of items found on Outblush that will be great gifts for you (or me!):

Because I like elephants and think every coffee drinker should have a cute sugar pot. $6

The most delicious gift. Customized chocolate bars, mmmm.

Delicate and Detailed. $18. Perfect to pair with a simple fall outfit.

So we can all make it work. $14 on amazon.

Embracing fall. $18.

Clever, but not for me. $55.

For those of us that aren't a fan of all ice cream cones. $18.

So Tiny! 4G! $17.99

Kinda cute. $14.

For the college kid who wants to creatively display their pet. $24

Pretttty. $18.99 on amazon.

The perfect couple snuggle-up-with-a-blanket-hot cocoa- and book love seat.

Cuuuuuuute. $34.

$98. Lots of bowls.

Anything for cheeeeese. $39.

Now if only it was holiday gift giving season…