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More Fall iphone Shots October 28, 2010

Dexter, OR

Puddle in NW PDX


Fall Captured by iphone October 26, 2010

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I love this picture I took with my iPhone in NW Portland. Perfect fall.

Love having a camera with me at all times.


DEAL: Dublin Pub September 1, 2010

Thanks again to Groupon I got another great deal!

Get $20 to Dublin Pub for $10!

Best Part:

Valid for Happy Hour!

Get yours here: DEAL


First Day of Summer! June 21, 2010

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C’mon Portland, let the sun shine! A few pics for everyone to get in the summertime mood:

Might post more later…Off to work now, first grown up summer…


End of Spring Concert Series June 17, 2010

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The Spring concert series ended for me 2 weeks ago. The last 2 concerts of my 4 concert series? LCD Soundsystem and MGMT.


Not originally on the concert series calendar, LCD soundsystem was a last minute attendance.

Having more interest in Shanghai Tunnel’s basement bar than the opening band, we arrived later than usual to this concert. We entered The Roseland, passed through the metal detector, and rocketed up the steps when we realized the main event had already begun (oops)!

The floor & balcony was packed but we found a portion of dance floor open near the front left of the stage…directly in front of band’s incrediblymassivemakeyourearsbleed speaker system. This was the first concert I actually plugged my ears for part of the set…and wasn’t the only one!


The band itself has great dance/punk rhythyms that are accompanied with vocalist James Murphy’s singing/storytelling. They play prime dance music and don’t mind doing so themselves. Drummer Pat Mahoney has resorted to wearing only a bathing suit during the show to combat the heat associated with their beats. 

Though they are most closely associated with New York City, Murphy’s right hand girl, Nancy Whang, had her mother in the audience that night. After checking on how her mom was doing, Nancy invited the entire crowd to the after party bar. When she was trying to give directions, Murphy kept the concert rolling by telling everyone the bar was “at the corner of iphone and google”. . . to which I took a moment to recognize the truth in that statement and applaud his cleverness with a hearty laugh.


It was only fitting that the final concert of the series was at one of Portland’s great venues: Mcmenamins Crystal Ballroom.

Arriving an hour late, we still happened to be a half hour early to the opening act. We made our way up to the balcony and relaxed until MGMT took the stage. By far the most packed concert, we squeezed our way as close to the stage as possible.

The band came out and was greeted with the roars of Portland’s finest hipsters. The bands first album, Oracular Spectacular, has received a greater response than their newer release, Congratulations, but in this town, MGMT can do no wrong.


A few songs into the concert lead singer, Andrew VanWyngarden, reminded us all of the Crystal’s best feature: the bouncy floor. Immediately following that statement they played their first major hit of the night, Time to Pretend, which drove the crowd wild.

The 2 hour concert was a non-stop dance party that was sprinkled with hit songs and screaming fans. When they played my ringtone, Electric Feel, I couldn’t help making the floor bounce even more.  After the shortest plea for an encore ever, the band played the one song the set list had been missing: Kids. 

Ending the concert with one of their biggest hits may be the best concert move ever. They designed the concert perfectly so the climax was at the very end–forcing everyone to leave excited and singing *literally* their praises down the streets of Portland.

Now onto summer concert planning…Suggestions??


Broken Bells May 26, 2010

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Concert #2 of Spring/Summer: Broken Bells. Venue: Wonder Ballroom.

I admit that going into the concert I did not know many of the songs and was nervous for my inability to sing-a-long. They are a group that sings so smoothly you can’t quite make out what they are saying, unless you are a cool kid that learns the lyrics (aka NOT ME). My fears drifted away when the 7, yes SEVEN, regular dudes came on the stage, beers in hand.

Of course their this-guy-could-totally-be-my-friend vibe is just that. Not only do their musical abilities range from guitars and keyboards, to tambourines and trumpets, their lead singer is James Mercer–lead singer of The Shins & Portland Native–and drummer/keyboardist/guitarist is Gnarls Barkley’s Danger Mouse. Sometimes it seemed even the band was in awe of these two.

Mercer pleasantly greeted the crowd with a “Hello Portland, Hello Home” which kicked the night off right. An intimate venue, with easy to find free parking, complimented the feel of this lead singers homecoming well. Being only a short distance from the stage, there was a point when I thought Mercer was looking right. at. me. . . only to realize later that he was searching for his toddler daughter who was standing behind me in her oversized protective headphones and fairy wings, FAIRY WINGS!

The group played a solid hour, which may be too short for many, but was the perfect length for me on a Monday night. Their light graphics were basic and almost unnecessary to back up their great sound.Their music was not too loud, not too soft, it was juuuust right. I didn’t leave with ringing ears, but instead left with the tune of The High Road stuck in my head.

They were an impressive flannel-clad bunch, which is no wonder they sold their show out in a week. I highly recommend seeing these guys the next time they are in town, and in the least checking out some of their songs.


Here’s to you…times two! May 22, 2010

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It’s been awhile since I have written a Here’s To You… post (I told you I wouldnt be consistent!) but today I have two for you.

The first is a magical appliance. I don’t know how many times I have watched the infomercial for this product (because it has come on after a show I was watching…) and not changed the channel. Not only is the infomercial hilarious because it is making fun of infomercials altogether, but the product itself is AwEsOmE!!!! Perfect for margarita night, or I mean, smoothie making…and a mass array of other culinary delights, I have  to say: Here’s to you…Magic Bullet! I personally need a new one, and am being convinced again by the infomercial now…

The second shout out goes to a restaurant I went to last night on 21st & Glisan. A cute little restaurant with a friendly staff, awesome drink menu, and one of the best macaroni & cheese dishes I have ever had (with BACON). This Here’s to you…goes to Pope House Bourbon Lounge!