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Favorite Actress Continued… November 9, 2010

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I was watching Regis & Kelly when I was sick at home the other day and one of their guests was an actress I can not BELIEVE I forgot on my original favorite actresses list: Rachel McAdams.

This girl has had incredibly diverse roles in moves that are ALL amazing. From Mean Girls to The Notebook, the Family Stone to Wedding Crashers. All movies which I own, which gives her the record for “Most Movies I Own with the Same Actress” (a coveted title by all actresses, I’m sure). She seems like an all around nice person who looks good as a brunette and bleach blonde.

Welcome to the favorites list, Rachel.


Modern Family Halloween November 2, 2010

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Check it. Last weeks Modern Family Halloween episode was HILARIOUS. I am currently rewatching it and still can’t stop laughing. I highly recommend you go to hulu.com and watch (or click on the picture below that links to the episode).

Click Here to Link to the Episode!

I agree with Gloria, who wants to live in a Dog EAT Dog world? I’d rather live in the Doggie dog world filled with beautiful puppies.


Make it or Break it September 9, 2010

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A little too obsessed with this show.


Eat Pray Love August 12, 2010

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So excited for this movie! Comes out tomorrow, and I may just go see it by myself. Seems like it could be a good self relaxing time…


Mac n Cheese August 5, 2010

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Mac n Cheese was my all time favorite food as a kid. Still is one of my favorite foods. And now their commercials are hilarious:

Have you had enough?

I may have to try that baked kind…


My Favorites: Actresses cont.. July 22, 2010

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HOW COULD I FORGET THESE TWO?! I told you I was bad at picking favorites…

Anyway I describe her will not do her justice. This is one of my favorite magazine covers ever.

Total South African babe and so bamf in Italian Job.

Who is your favorite actress out of the ones I have listed? Or comment on your favorites!


My Favorites: Actresses July 19, 2010

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I have never been someone who has favorites. I like a lot of things and can never narrow it down to just one, it’s too much pressure! So I am starting a new recurring post called My Favorites. This week I am going to post on actresses that I love. Comment at the end of this post with other topics I should post favorites on!

Jennifer Aniston: poised, hilarious, gorgeous, healthy, and confident. My love for Friends has deceived me into thinking she is actually one of my friends.

Ellen Degeneres: hilarious, giving, accepting of everyone, and always brightens my day with her dance moves.

Katherine Heigl: A natural beauty who seems down to earth and incredibly friendly. I started liking her back in Wish Upon a Star on Disney channel.

Blake Lively- she’s got great style, always seems to be having fun, and could even be completely goofy on SNL…and I want her hair.

So pretty much I like actresses that are: funny, pretty, friendly, talented, and confident. And apparently blonde.

What favorites post should be next?