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Favorite Actress Continued… November 9, 2010

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I was watching Regis & Kelly when I was sick at home the other day and one of their guests was an actress I can not BELIEVE I forgot on my original favorite actresses list: Rachel McAdams.

This girl has had incredibly diverse roles in moves that are ALL amazing. From Mean Girls to The Notebook, the Family Stone to Wedding Crashers. All movies which I own, which gives her the record for “Most Movies I Own with the Same Actress” (a coveted title by all actresses, I’m sure). She seems like an all around nice person who looks good as a brunette and bleach blonde.

Welcome to the favorites list, Rachel.


Make it or Break it September 9, 2010

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A little too obsessed with this show.


Best Commercial June 18, 2010

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SUCH a good commercial. Wish it was more like 10 minutes. We ❤ you too, NBA.