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Dreamhouse June 13, 2011

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I saw this the other day on craftgawker and instantly fell in love.

I wish I could build it instantly….no, wait…I wish I could blink my eyes dream-of-genie-style and instantly have it in my backyard.

Considering that is most likely not going to happen (though on the slight chance magic is real, I won’t completely rule it out) I had to add it to my blog so I forever have a record of my dreamhouse.



Workout Apps April 12, 2011

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My work out situation:

I’ve always being on a sports team and having a coach throughout my school years to MAKE me work out

– no longer having a coach or team to push me because of a little thing called GRADUATION

+ Iphone 4

= love of work out apps.

You don’t realize the benefit of having a team and a coach pushing you daily to stay in shape … until you no longer have one.

Most athletes believe they will always have the pure motivation to work out daily, stay in shape, and be competitive for their entire life. Then, you have to get a job (*sigh*), and realize there was an entire life of being “social” that you never really developed before…and working out becomes something you have to schedule in, instead of schedule around.

Personally, it’s been a struggle. I know I need and want to work out, but my bed is usually more tempting. After investing in a gym membership and putting some quality effort into making it to the gym on a regular basis, I still know I’m not doing enough. Rushing to my aid were two of my favorite companies: Apple and Nike. Their powers combined *coughcaptainplanetreferencecough* brought me a gym supplement: work out apps.

There are a few I have tried out that are good for different times. My favorites are:



This app is purely motivational. Whether you are on the elliptical, doing core, or out for a run, the app plays your selected playlist and inserts motivational comments from professional athletes and coaches.


Nike Training Center (NTC)

This app is incredible. Gives you tons of options for work outs and has videos of ALL of them.

You can also have a record of your workouts and earn rewards! I’ve used this one at home and rave about it to everyone. Sometimes the hardest part is crafting a work out that is challenging and diverse…this app takes that job out of your hands.


Nike GPS

This last app may be the coolest of them all. It records the map of your run, lets you know your pace, AND records it all in a map so you can see exactly how fast you were going at every point of your run. It’s almost too cool to believe…I used this for the last 7 miles of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco last year (First 6 miles I spent chatting with my sister with my iphone off). It was the first time I had ever used the app and was amazed to find my entire run saved with pace records after.

Other features of this app include:

  • a “challenge me” option where you can take on your last run.
  • Tag where you can try and out run your friends and compete against each other with your virtual records!
  • Sharing any of your runs on Facebook
  • You can be “cheered” on by the app during your run

If you are an athlete and have an iphone I HIGHLY recommend downloading these apps!


Spring Brew January 26, 2011

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Now I realize it is not technically spring yet, but blue moons rising moon spring brew is making me wish it was! Definitely recommend trying this one out.




Here’s to you… December 2, 2010

Today’s Here’s to you… award goes to a company that I probably should have recognized awhile ago: Starbucks. In the past month Starbucks has:

  • Given me a free drink for waiting “too long” for my drink. I actually had not even realized it had been longer than usual, but am thrilled they thought so 🙂
  • Brought my first feelings of holiday cheer when they released their holiday cups (and seasonal cranberry bliss bars! mmmm)

  • Let me play a game online to win a 4 pack of Starbucks Via…which I forgot about until today when it came in the mail!
  • Had an awesome buy one get one free promotion for holiday drinks which I took advantage of…twice.
  • Created a great holiday commercial:

The creativity of their marketing, sensitivity of their customer service, and deliciousness of their drinks keep me coming back probably more often than I should. Here’s to you…Starbucks.


Moonstruck Chocolate Deal! November 10, 2010

This is EXACTLY what I was talking about in my Christmas shopping tips post: spend $10 get a $20 voucher to spend at moonstruck chocolate! Grab yours by clicking the picture below now!



Here’s to you… October 27, 2010

Recently, I was cold in my house and was in a bath mood. I had some time, and wanted to relax. I remembered my friend Sally had gotten me some Lush Bubble Bars as a gift. Bubble bath? Perfect!

Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar - Image links to Lush site

I placed half of the Flosty Gritter Lush Bubble Bar right under the faucet and started to draw myself a bath (yeah, I said that). I let the water run, and left the room for a few minutes. When I came back in, I was amazed: not only were there perfect bubbles crowding the top of the water but, the WATER WAS PINK! Does a bath get more girly?!

Well in fact it does. Because this Bubble Bar smells of vanilla and lavender and also fills the water with sparkles. Here’s to you… Lush Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar. You made bath time even more perfect. I recommend breaking them in half for 2 uses instead of one since they aren’t very cheap (but who has time for baths all time anyway?).

Stocking stuffers? You bet.  I’m excited to try more Bubble Bars from Lush’s selection.


Highlights of Denver October 18, 2010

A couple weekends ago I flew to Denver to celebrate a birthday. After a weekend of sun, good food, and football Denver clinched it’s spot as my third favorite city (only behind Boston & Portland, which are tied).

My trip started out great with a quick flight over to Denver (which got in 50 minutes EARLY, shout out Southwest). Below are some highlights of the trip, and recommendations if you ever make a trip to the Sunny Mile High City.

Folsom Field at University of Colorado. Quite possibly the prettiest setting for a football field in the nation. Our trip there started 4 hours before the game for a tailgate. A car packed field was littered with Buff fans, BBQ's, and beer...it was a great first tailgate experience capped off with a Buff win.

The Tavern Downtown Denver had a great rooftop bar and very tasty frozen drink called a 190 which hit the spot on an unusually warm fall Denver night.

A unique ice cream shop offers some just as unique flavors of ice cream that are incredibly tasty.

Got a fantastic breakfast sandwich...for dinner...very generous portions and great drinks.



Had the most delicioius white caramel latte. Recommended for anyone with a major sweet tooth.